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choes of Mary ~ Xcited Xenopus

Dear Mary Blog readers and followers another possible page from Echoes of Mary ~ a Miscellany

Xcited Xenopus

A xenopus is not a well-known thing.
A kind of creature,
Not a dog
Or a hog,
A xenopus is a kind of frog.

The xenopus of this little tale
Also has an unusual name.
Not X-ray
Or Xylophone
But Xander.

Xander Xenopus loves to eat
Not butterflies
Or bees,
But letter ‘e’s.
It makes him very excited.

Xander Xenopus loves lots of snacks.
Not breakfast
Or lunch.
But ‘e’-eating snacks.
I’m afraid he’s discovered this poem.

Xander Xenopus is eating this poem.
Not the ‘a’s
Or the ‘b’s.
He’s eating the ‘e’s.
He’s already swallowed an ‘e’ in the title.

I wonder which ‘e’ he’ll eat n xt!

Words by Mary M dlicott.

Illustration by Sarah Williams who luckily do sn’t hav  an   in h r nam .

‘Till soon.

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  1. Karen Tovell Says:

    That really made me laugh, Paul, and I could hear Mary’s voice when I was reading it. Thanks for sharing it.

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