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Do your blog, Girl!!

Perhaps most of us have found ourselves there at some time or other. ‘There’ is where you begin to feel utterly stuck. You can’t get out of it. You can’t move on from it. It’s just where you were when you woke up and where you still find yourself hours later though you probably didn’t have any original attention of languishing in your bed until 11.30 a.m.  Now you just have to determine to somehow find a way to escape your bed or you’ll just wither away.

So this is me hoping to feel I’m moving on after a good part of a Saturday morning lying flat on my back listening to the radio and hoping Paul will bring me a cup of coffee soon. One decision did at least get made at 11.30– ‘DO YOUR BLOG, GIRL!  (Girl is what my mother would call me when she was really irritated with me.) Then when I said that, it did at least manage to get Paul to bring me my computer here in bed where I’m still sitting or lying. Lazy girl! Or is it wilful girl? I know the signs –  complete lassitude, total lack of interest in being upright – and I’ve already spent a couple of hours allowing them to inhabit me.

Ah well! Perhaps I should regard myself as lucky. At least I have a comfy bed to lie or sit in, a good little radio to keep me engaged and a husband who brings me a cup of coffee and a biscuit. Also I do have some plans for the day, or for the evening at least. Supper with a friend who is a very good cook can’t be bad especially since said friend is a good conversationalist and great fun too.

Nonetheless, I do feel cross with myself. Perhaps it happens to lots of us from time to time. It’s a kind of inertia. I don’t think it means a total loss of interest in life. It’s more a loss of spirit or energy. Luckily I’m the sort of person where something will probably occur to me eventually to capture my interest in getting up.  And after all, there’s plenty to be done. A book to continue writing, another book to continue reading, tidying and clearing up in  my study, a phone call or two with good friends, including one who used to be a very good friend but who somehow then disappeared into life in the countryside. Somehow this week this friend and I found ourselves back in touch (was it the magic of Facebook which I don’t myself do but Paul does?). The prospect of speaking with her again, maybe even meeting up again soon, is just so delightful, it has to be done and maybe can act as a spur to me now..

So that’s it. Grey skies outside don’t inspire me at all. But some of the other prospects do. This means that, any minute now and it’s already 12.06, I might actually start getting up.

PS: Photos? The top one is of a little stone-face that intrigued me once on the beach whereas the bottom photo is of one of those little pictures you yourself assemble and  that you then leave in place wondering if anyone else will notice.

2 Responses to “Do your blog, Girl!!”

  1. Janet Dowling Says:

    Aha! I know that feeling far too well! Sometimesyour body just wants you to stop, take a breather before you go rushing on. Sometimes its good to listen to your body!

  2. Pam Says:

    And what a lovely bog it turned out to be Mary! I think those times of ‘inertia’ are sent to us for a reason. I don’t want to interfere with your self-discipline, but please be kind to yourself. And as Janet so wisely says, it’s good to listen to your body!

    I love that little phrase, ‘at least…’. For me, that’s when gratitude kicks and I can start to move out of the doldrums again.

    By the way, I am retired now and have taken my website and story recordings down (it was like having a cat put down, sad but necessary). My time is more and more taken with climate activism – just as well I’m an optimist!

    Love your stone faces,

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