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Echoes of Mary ~ A Casting to the Winds

Dear Readers and Followers of Mary’s blog,

Today on her birthday at about 2.30 pm we shall be casting my dearest Mary’s ashes to the winds.

The occasion will be on the Pembrokeshire coast between Caerfai and St Nons at the place she chose and loved so well.

Please think on us then with love and remembrance.

5 Responses to “Echoes of Mary ~ A Casting to the Winds”

  1. Margaret Jull Costa Says:

    We thought of you and Mary and friends at the requisite hour.
    Much love,
    Margaret and Ben

  2. Mary Medlicott Says:

    Thank you so much you dear and loyal friends.
    Much love

  3. Hilary Minns Says:

    Dear Paul,
    You and Mary are in my thoughts. Thank you for sharing this occasion with all Mary’s followers.
    With love

  4. Mary Medlicott Says:

    Dear Hilary,
    If you would be kind enough to send me your email and postal address to I shall send you a copy of the occasion sheet.
    It was a truly wonderful and appropriate occasion.
    With love

  5. Karen Tovell Says:

    Thank you, Paul, for sharing this with us. I am immensely comforted to know that Mary’s ashes have been gifted to the place she loved with all her heart and by the people she loved with all her heart.

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