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Echoes of Mary ~ the Celebration

Well, it was a fine celebration. I’ve only just watched the webcast. And found it both moving and joyous. Here’s the link again in case you’d like to see the tidied up version:

As Mary would undoubtedly have said, and as I do now, first so much gratitude to the pall bearers (whom I suggested might be called the Mary-bearers) nephew Dave Pelham representing the family; Steve Copeland representing the singing side of our life; Michael Wrigley representing WiPs and Sally Tonge representing Storytelling.

Then in the service itself  beautiful heartfelt and heart-meant tributes from Valerie Grove, Sally Tonge, Jo Cameron and Bridget Greeves . As well as fine words of committal and comfort from Joanna Adam, the Celebrant.

Over a hundred and twenty managed to attend on a very hot day and it was a great and colourful (as requested) occasion. There were connections and re-connections and some surprising tangents and links discovered among Mary’s and my friends.

Thanks, too, for the lovely cards and messages and memories. Also the generous contributions to CRISIS in Memory of Mary ( ).

If any of you dear blog readers would like a copy of the order of service and the poems read out do please let me know.

As I begin a return to work through the plans Mary and I were developing for new books and collections I find myself minded to keep this blog going a while. There’s just so much I feel she would have wished to share.

So, more anon.

Meanwhile, here’s a neat picture of some of the celebrations at The Portico.

3 Responses to “Echoes of Mary ~ the Celebration”

  1. Lesley Dowding Says:

    Thanks for sharing and glad you can keep the blog alive for a while. Blessings from New Zealand,

  2. Karen Tovell Says:

    Thanks, Paul, for sharing the link, and also for the truly wonderful news that you shall be keeping the blog going.

  3. Fiona Says:

    Csth Little has somehow found this link to By Word of Mouth.
    I watched it in 1990. I recommend it now
    It has so much to offer
    Thank you Mary
    Loe to all

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