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Keeping going

Hello Dear Mary’s Blog Readers, Paul here.

As you can see from this morning’s portrait Mary’s keeping going but – to use a favourite nonsense  phrase of ours – she’s feeling somewhat feak and weeble. So she’s asked me to put this 577th blog together on her behalf.

First she wants us to enter a little apology for last week’s ‘Not quite the Tour de France’ as in the several hours after she posted it literally hundreds of cyclists ploughed, beetled and pounded up that very steep Mathri hill past our house. Yes, a few walked and pushed their bikes and two or three groups we saw made clearly pre-ordained pauses for refreshment at the Farmers Arms. But fair play, as we say in Wales, it certainly was a proper Tour.

As always it was hard leaving Mathri and our lovely friends. But back in Brixton our garden was looking pretty nice with masses of roses and osteospermum and ragwort and alium (ok,  names consequential on looking up). And, of course, visits from dear London friends and much cake.


Our godchildren in Australia Josh and Georgia have surprised us with home delivered freezer food (how did they do that?) . We’re much looking forward to seeing dear friend Sophie from New York next week and then dearest Richard from New Zealand the week after.

So much to look forward to.

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