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Much loved and appreciated visitations

Hello again Dear Mary’s Blog Readers, it’s Paul in amanuensis mode. Sorry to say that Mary is feeling quite increasingly poorly but has gone over things she wants recorded in this week’s blog.

She says something along these lines: First and foremost, it’s been a wonderful week of visits across the generations. Entirely lovely god-daughter Emma Grove brought two of her three children, Elfie and James. Our dear friends from Paul’s work of twenty years Arno Schmickler and his wife Nina Kreyer (we know them as NinArno) called by on the same day; and the next dear Sophie McConnell (47 year friend) swanned in from New York.  Paul Whitehouse, whom we’ve known since Cambridge days and his wife Liz (Paul was Best Man at their wedding) visited on Monday. And Book Pair Margaret Jull Costa was here on Tuesday from Leicester for a really engrossing memory time along with Becky Sharp. We all met at the fabled Hen House some thirty or more years ago, where I was running a Storytelling course and they were both attending a poetry course.

The rallying of the god-daughters continued with a lovely visit from Hannah Haynes (now Motion) And our first cousin once removed,  the very up-and=coming fashion designer Luke Walker  called by on Wednesday. On Thursday it was particularly good to learn that David Poole, founding member of the WiPs (Works in Progress) group we belong to, had a florist for a father as that meant he, David, offered to set to work arranging all the wonderful flowers we have been receiving. Our morning visitor yesterday was Jo Cameron whom we first met when our foster sons Ricky and Mark were admitted to King’s Acre the then very fine Junior and Infants school just a few minutes’ walk away. The family friendships built over those forty years since have been precious. And yesterday afternoon brought Deborah Curle who lodged with us way back then and was a very great  help to us. So very many friends and memories. 

Of course yesterday was the second day of the Platinum Jubilations, brought close by the amazingly loud reggae and rap sound systems blasting throughout our bit of Brixton. But fair play, they were finished by 10pm.

And tomorrow is a very emotionally complex day as Wales play Ukraine for a place in the Football World Cup. We’ll say no more.

PS: Top picture is one of our Mary roses. The bottom picture needs no introduction.

5 Responses to “Much loved and appreciated visitations”

  1. Janet Dowling Says:

    Blessings on you Mary- always good to read your blog. As Grace said – open mouth, let words come out. You have so much to share and its all gold dust! Many thanks.

  2. Pippa Reid Says:

    Dear Mary
    Enjoying your blogs. You are my valued storytelling mentor! Sending you much love and good wishes for your health.

  3. Alida Says:

    Hello dearest Mary and Paul,
    I am so glad that you are surrounded by love and more love and above all by people who are so very dear to you and to who you are undoubtedly also very dear. Memory-threads being woven and rewoven into the beautiful tapestry of your shared lives.
    Buck and I are adding our deep love to this tapestry. More to be written separately.
    For now, good strength to both of you and to all of us. Yours in friendship, Alida and Buck

  4. Kathryn Holt Says:

    May the hours as they pass be gentle on you in the days ahead. I’m so glad you are surrounded by dear ones coming to be at your side, and know too that there are so many scattered ones who admire and hold you dear and in whom , like me, you planted a seed of story magic (Oracy project -St Albans) We carry that gift you gave and would not be the people we are without you. Sending love and thanks x

  5. Clare Winstanley Says:

    Sending much love and warm thoughts to you both.

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