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Storytelling Starters ~ Another sad loss

The husbands of close friends are often good friends, sometimes slightly at one remove. John Cameron felt like a friend on his own behalf. Perhaps it was that he recognised my Welshness. It formed a real link between us because of his own early Welsh connections and with regular family holidays in a remote Welsh cottage. Yes, he’d tease me about it but always with a recognition of how much it meant to me and what roots meant to him too. He was personal in that way. So it felt like friendship between us meant something to him on its own behalf and not simply because he was the husband of a very good friend.

I will miss him. I’ll miss his kindly temper, always greeting me, and no doubt others too, with a real sense of recognition and warmth.  This may have been connected with the fact that he also developed a close friendship with Paul, my husband. If felt like he knew us both in a real way.

There are many aspects of John that I appreciated about him. How he was in his own home, his evident love for his wife and children and evident appreciation of his friendships made me feel  as if he was comfortable with his life. This is often so far from the case with people you know and love. But John’s sense of ease and comfort were notable.  Like most of us, he had his problems. But he also had a way of sharing an acceptance of life and what it brings that itself brought a sense of ease even through the recent years of declining health.

Dear John, it was a remarkable and much-treasured feeling that you communicated – that you as well as Jo had become a real friend to me. I valued that greatly. Besides, I always enjoyed seeing you. Wherever it was, at home or somewhere else, it felt like you were at ease with life and with your friends.  I know you will be hugely missed by your immediate family, that goes without saying. But I know too how greatly you will be missed by your friends. I feel happy – and right now very sad – to have been included myself among them.


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