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Storytelling Starters: Friends

We never entertained each other in our houses. We never went out to any event together. But we spent lots of time talking with each other on the street. And now he has died at far too young an age. He knew it was coming – very bad cancer. And in the most remarkable way, he prepared for it, letting people know what was going to happen and ordering his life. For his mother and sister, it must be horrendous. For friends like us, it’s a very sad loss. He always knew what was going on on the street and we had lots and lots of chats over the years.

His name was Bruno Romano. He lived straight across the street. I remember his father, who died many years ago, and how smartly dressed he always was. Our friendship with Bruno will be remembered too and I want this blog to help to celebrate him. He was one of the people who made our street such a good place to live.

Strange, isn’t it? Friendships don’t have to be close in the sense of intimate to be very important. In the case of the street where we live, they often bring the day alive, catching us up on what’s going on with people around us and enabling us to feel therefore that the street is not impersonal, it’s alive.

Of course, it’s a bit like that down in Pembrokeshire. In our village of Mathri, people know each other. They stop on the street and chat. They help each other out. I’ve always felt delighted that, here in London, our Brixton street is just as friendly. Neighbours chat and can have things left for each other by the postman and pass messages on. Not that I know everyone here but enough to So make things feel friendly and alive.

So here’s to friendship. Along with our close friendships with people we know well and love, long live the friendships with the people who live around us. They don’t have to be intimate to be very important to the happiness of life.

PS: The picture is of the beautiful tree on our street which Bruno loved too.

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  1. Annalee Curran Says:

    Mary, what a touching tribute to Bruno ! And an important reminder of the fundamental importance of friendship – in all its shapes and sizes! Thank you

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