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Storytelling Starters ~ Furry friends

So Her Majesty likes budgerigars. Or that’s what my Guardian tells me this morning. Chacun à son goût – as the saying goes. I’ve never much gone for budgerigars, though a friend of mine has some very pretty ones. On the other hand, it’s no guarded secret that I do love cats.

Paul and I have hosted a most majestic succession of them. Hannah-Jane came with us to Brixton many years ago. Since we have quite a big garden that backs onto other gardens, we do get visited from time to time. First, and only from next door, came two kittens. I think our attraction was that, unlike their owner, we didn’t exclude them from our house. We’d let them in. In the end, I remember our neighbour saying, ‘You’d better have them now.’ We named them Coke and Pepsi.

Then came Fanta who, as cats can do,  chose to  settle in with us from some other home after several visits. He had a wonderful fluffy tail. Once he left us for a while and we supposed he’d gone back to his previous home. Then he turned up again and intrigued us as his fluffy tail was beautifully perfumed. 

There have been many cats since then, some walk-ins, some boarders, several gifts from friends. In pre-chipped days we would always check when there were collars. And check too with the local vets. Since our last, beloved Minky died aged 18 and a half, we’ve had no cat – except for the majestically tall china cat that came from the home of storyteller friend Grace Hallworth after she recently died.

But I think a hankering has begun to come upon us. What shall we do? We have to bear in mind that, not infrequently, we travel all the way from London to our village in North Pembrokeshire. Not a short journey! Will any new cat put up with it? I think it will have to be a case of ‘needs must’ – both for the cat and for us. Despite the fact that its cat-tray will be in the back of the car, the cat may well pee somewhere else. Ah well! As with so many other things in life, you just have to accept the inevitable. Que sera, sera! Or maybe Cat sera, sera.

P.S. Top picture is Minky keeping a close eye on Mr Fox; the bottom is Marmalade from next door paying a neighbourly visit.

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