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Storytelling Starters ~ Lucky!

I just need to say it. I’m lucky. OK, I can’t go to my beloved Pembrokeshire right now because of Lockdown. And yes the new hip I was recently given still hurts from time to time. I’m not seeing friends and, as for so many of us, that feels like an awful deprivation. I can’t go for long walks like I’ve always loved to do.

But for all the things that are wrong, I have to be glad of so many things that are right, including house and garden, nice neighbours, good friends, a phone and enough to eat.

But there’s another thing too that makes me feel lucky. Let me tell you what.

Just as I really enjoyed what I did when I was working as a storyteller, I also like what I do now. How lucky is that! So many people don’t. So many people have to work themselves to the bone for far too little return. So many people can’t bear the work they have to do. For some it’s just plain boring. And of course there are all the people that can’t get any work at all. But I am old enough to have been a retired person with a pension for quite a few years by now. And in my retirement, I greatly enjoy the fact that I now have plenty of time to write.

Yes, sometimes the writing does not go well. Sometimes I wonder why I bother and whether there’s any point in doing it at all. Yet I cannot help enjoying the doing of it. Currently Paul and I are writing something we call Our Fathers. He’s writing about his father, I’m writing about mine. And somewhere along the line, we’ll each write about the other’s. That last task will be especially enjoyable since we each liked the other’s father a lot.

So there we are. Life’s not bad. It can be good if you can find something or someone or somewhere you love. But meantime please let us all remember the people that are not in a position to find things to love let alone enough to eat.

PS: To remind myself of lovely Pembrokeshire, I’ve looked through my photos of Pembrokeshire places and chosen a couple I especially like for your delectation today. The bottom one is of Lower Fishguard where I used to go to jump off the quay  again and again and again as a young teenager. The top one is Whitesands, the beach that’s long enough to make any walk feel like a good walk except when the tide is really far in.


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