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Storytelling Starters ~ Stepping Out!

A week ago, after watching Strictly Come Dancing, I did a different kind of dance. I fell down the stairs. Aagh!

When we went to the hospital to get me checked out on the advice of our excellent GP and with the help of a wonderful ambulance crew, thank goodness, no bones broken. But oh my goodness, what a way to learn to appreciate being able to move – and, especially, what it’s like to move without pain.

So a week later, impressive bruises, but I’m getting there.  The week has really given me a sense of how hard it must be for so many people whose movements are restricted. And especially for people who are completely bed-bound. By today, I’m feeling I might actually be able to walk out into the garden this afternoon – with stick and wonderful help-meet, of course. It would be very nice. To breathe the Autumn air direct. To spot new things that have grown out there.

Ah well! This small accident of mine has entailed a painful way to spend a week. It’s also made me appreciate movement and understand how hard it must be for those many people that cannot get around under their own steam. Till today, it’s been strictly visiting the bathroom.

Later today, I do intend a larger, longer foray . My trusty help-meet will be at hand or elbow and if I can do it, I shall so appreciate what I normally take for granted. And of course there’s a Rugby Autumn International to watch as Wales take on South Africa – hope that’s not too painful!

Blessings to all readers of this blog and blessings on so much I normally take for granted.

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  1. Felice Tombs Says:

    Blessing on you too Mary.
    With much love Felice.

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