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Storytelling Starters ~ Memory, remembering and memorizing

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Thought-provoking thoughts about memory and memorizing came from a blog reader, Peter, this week in a comment he sent on a blog I’d written back in July, 2013 (for of course you can go back to previous posts in the archive).  Replying, I made the point that memorizing the words of a story is not something I do as a storyteller. Yes, there was once a Russian story about an egg that came in the form of a poem. I remember learning that by heart. And of course some stories include a phrase or a rhyme that needs to be remembered word for word. Otherwise, memorizing is no longer much part of my life.

Memorizing: the weekly task

Yet Peter’s comment made me think about the huge amount of exact memorizing I used to do as a child. In Fishguard Primary school, we all had to learn two poems each week, one Welsh, one English. Each week, our teacher would test us on them. Then every now and again, our horrible headmaster would arrive in our classroom, call someone out front with their exercise book in which were written the poems we’d learned, select one poem from the many and then ask the poor child to speak it. What a bullying thing to do! (more…)

Storytelling Starters ~ Forgetting

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

This week I’ve been been thinking about forgetfulness. Memory is so important to storytellers. It’s our lifeblood. Can we actually now recall the details of a story we think we might like to tell? If we forget them in the telling, can we improvise?

Memory is also vital to us in our lives as human beings. (And don’t you love the fastidiousness of the memory-aid pinned onto the old Welsh blanket that’s in my photo this week?) But what about forgetting? And is forgetting something different from forgetfulness?

Forgetfulness, it seems to me at present, is something we may just have to accept as a process that happens as we get older. It certainly seems to happen more and more to me and my contemporaries. Perhaps sometimes the problem in remembering something is just a temporary blip – you remember again a few hours later. At the time it occurs, however, it doesn’t half cause annoyance and frustration.

Forgetting, though: now what is that? (more…)