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Storytelling Starters ~ Bringer of Smiles

P1060304Well, last week’s giraffe was described as Bringer of Smiles in a comment from Jean. And Bringer of Smiles has reminded me of the one Christmas cracker joke that brought a smile to our table 

The Christmas Cracker joke:

Question:  What do you call a queue of men at the barber’s?

Answer: A barbecue.

Groan! It’s like that lovely little riddle I heard once from Taffy Thomas which also depends on a nice play of words.

The bee riddle:

Question: What does a man have in his eye if he has a bee in his hand?

Answer: Beauty – for beauty lies in the eye of the beholder (bee-holder – get it?)

P1060450Talking of smiles, I’ve needed some, I confess, for I’ve been coughing badly for a week. The cough has felt  like an unending series of major volcanic eruptions and it’s been no real comfort learning that almost everyone else in London has had the same bug and with some, it’s lasted three weeks.

Since the cough has meant that we haven’t (yet) been able to go to Wales as planned, I’ve had to resort to that traditional New Year activity: SORTING!!!

Sorting, sorting: stranded in London, I’ve already done my socks, my In-tray, my beads, bangles and rings. 

Already too I’ve started on the storytelling paraphernalia. Many papers remain to be pruned. But what to do with the gear?

One bag I tackled yielded a whole lot of stuff I’d forgotten including some really useful resources for storytelling sessions. I’m thinking of returning to these as a theme in the New Year on the basis that if you can engage an audience with something visual, it can only help.

Meantime I send you all the usual good wishes for the New Year together with the thought that life is itself an extraordinary entanglement of happy and sad times. Some leave shining memories. Some you’d rather forget because they really are a bit ropey (joke!).  





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6 Responses to “Storytelling Starters ~ Bringer of Smiles”

  1. Liz Richards Says:

    Happy Xmas and a Happy new year. Missing you down in Pembrokeshire this year. Hope all will improve xx

  2. Nikole Says:

    I am so happy to have found your blog! I am thoroughly enjoying working my way through past posts!

  3. Mary Medlicott Says:

    It’s a real treat to hear from you that you’re enjoying my blog. It would be a further pleasure, if you have time, to hear what you’re liking about it. Is it useful to you in your work? Or are you enjoying it because, like me, you love stories? Anyway, all the best for New Year and 2015 and thanks for writing.

  4. Nikole Says:

    Mary… I have wanted to pursue storytelling for some time. I am working on getting some stories together to tell to a group in late January. It will be a monthly thing from then on. I just ordered a few of your books. I got Time for telling in the mail today and the little book of storytelling about a week ago. I really want your other book Stories for. Young Children but I can only find an audio cd right now. So your blog is instant inspiration until I can get my hands on it! I love reading your ideas… Particularly things like your story bag and what you include in it. How you incorporate the different fabrics with your stories. I like seeing how you use props like the fan. Those kinds of ideas are golden to me!

  5. Mary Medlicott Says:

    Nikole, it is really good and helpful to receive your very nice feedback. Thank you. It helps me to know what people are finding useful. It gives me inspiration for future blogs – and it’s always nice to make contact with someone who is wanting to pursue storytelling. Do keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

  6. Nikole Says:

    I also love the game ideas with kids and the ideas on helping parents tell stories with their children. I also love seeing how you get your inspiration….

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