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Storytelling Starters ~ Miss Ellany (otherwise known as Miscellany)

Miss Ellany (otherwise known as Miscellany) is where my mind is right now. Maybe it’s in consequence of getting to the end of my radiotherapy sessions (just one more to go on Monday). At present, this feels like being let out of school – and it just occurs to me that, of course, next week is half-term. Besides, on Monday it is my birthday.

So it’s time for some fun. For starters, Miss Ellany offers you two of my favourite jokes.

Joke 1:

One day, the elephant met a little mouse on his way through the jungle. The elephant looked down at the mouse and asked the mouse this question: ‘Why am I so big and strong and you’re so small and weak?’ The mouse replied without hesitation: ‘I’ve been poorly.’

Joke 2:

A man went to the doctor’s and said, ‘Doctor, doctor, my back is hurting in three different places.’ The doctor replied at once, ‘Well, just don’t go to those places.’

Next, for the main course, Miss Ellany offers a deliciously scary little story in a poem called Green Candles by Humbert Wolfe.

Green Candles

‘There’s someone at the door,’ said gold candlestick;
‘let her in, let her in quick!’
‘There is a small hand groping at the handle:
why don’t you turn it?’ asked green candle.

‘Don’t go, don’t go,’ said the Hepplewhite chair,
‘lest you find a strange lady there.’
‘Yes, stay where you are,’ whispered the white wall,
‘there is nobody there at all.’

‘I know her little foot,’ grey carpet said:
‘who but I should know her light tread?’
‘She shall come in,’ answered the open door.
‘And not,’ said the room, ‘go out any more.’

And for dessert, Miss Ellany brings you  two riddles, the second of which comes from storyteller Taffy Thomas:

Riddle 1:

Question: Why is the letter A like a flower?
Answer: Because the B comes after it.

Riddle 2:

What does a man have in his eye when he has a bee in his hand?
Answer: Beauty – because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

That’s it for this week. Now Miss Ellany is off to make a cup of coffee. Cheers till next week.

PS: Photos are of two miscellaneous creatures plus a red candle from my photo archive.

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2 Responses to “Storytelling Starters ~ Miss Ellany (otherwise known as Miscellany)”

  1. Meg Says:

    That reminds me!
    I was sitting having a crack with the late Duncan Williamson at his kitchen table. He was a character! I would drop in when I was back in Scotland. The soup was on the stove and we were having a cuppa and a riddle contest.
    I got them easily … all except –

    First it’s dry, then it’s wet
    The longer its in, the better it gets
    Old maids love it … and there’s always enough for two!

    Well, I was taken aback, lots of pictures flashed thru my mind. Duncan grinning ear to ear, repeated it slowly and kept encouraging me, yet dismissed all my suggestions.
    When I gave up, he roared laughing and raised his cup to me “It’s a tea-bag!.”
    Didn’t we laugh!

  2. Mary Medlicott Says:

    Meg, good to hear your Duncan Williamson recollections. I love the tea-bag riddle.

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