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Storytelling Starters ~ What’s In a Blog?

Ships 1This week,  a query arrived from a storytelling friend (Hilary, this is you!). Among her storytelling stuff, she’d come across some clipped-together folded and cut papers. What could they be? She remembered they were connected with a story I’d once told her students. Something about a sea-captain? Could I remind her of it?

Now when it comes to blogging, I am a veritable infant. I love writing this blog, I know how to put in my pictures and I know how to post the blog each Saturday. Beyond that, I don’t know very much at all except I do also know how to look up stuff I’ve posted in this blog in the past. So I thought I’d pass on that information to anyone reading this now. If nothing else, it could be a useful reminder that you can use this blog as a kind of archive.

Storyworks Blog References

So. Look at the Search boxes on the top left of the blog. In the box marked Storyworks Blog References, put in a word or perhaps two that relate to a subject you might be interested in. Maybe you want to check up on a story you faintly remember reading here in the past. Maybe you’re interested in finding a new story on a particular theme – apples or ghosts or soul or wild man. If it’s something that’s been in this blog, the title and date of the relevant posting (or several)  will come up on your screen when you’ve entered the word. Press on whichever one you want to check out and hey presto.

Captain's TshirtSo when, in pursuit of Hilary’s request,  I put the words, ‘sea-captain’, into the Storyworks Blog References box, it came up with a couple of blog posts. When I pressed on the one for July 5th 2014 my computer obligingly came up with the posting that contained  exactly the story she’d remembered – which, by the way, had been told to me by another storyteller, Sally Tonge. (That’s one beauty of storytelling friends – they pass on stories!). The story is known as The Captain’s T-shirt. It’s a story that’s ideal for younger children and it often appeals to older ones too.

Storyworks Blog Categories

When I tried out the second Search box – Storyworks Blog Categories – I was reminded that this also works well as long as you scroll down your screen until you get to the relevant results. First you will be presented with a list of all the categories I have created, including types of stories or ages the stories may be suitable for. Select whichever of these you want.So, for example, put Early Years in this box and up will come the many blogs in which I’ve specifically dealt with stories or techniques for Early Years children.

And that’s it for this week except to say that, here, I’m including a photograph of two of the bits of folded-up paper that relate to the sea-captain story, The Captain’s T-shirt. You might want to look it up. It’s a good one.

See you next week – and meantime do please let me know if you’ve found the above information of any help.


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  1. Hilary Minns Says:

    Thank you so much, Mary. The blog search worked a treat. I shall be honing my T-shirt paper-tearing skills ready for the next session with the students!

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