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Storytelling Starters ~ Props 2: The storyteller

Saturday, January 26th, 2019

So here I am, thinking about props and the usefulness of them. Props attract attention, they hold attention. Interesting objects, puppets, dolls together with fascinating bags and boxes: all can be part of the art of the storyteller. Last week, I wrote about the single object that may set the scene for a story. But a set of objects can also be good as well as fun to put together.

A set of objects sets the scene in a different way. It reflects the fact that there will be different scenes in the story and is very helpful for younger children. Showing the objects one by one before the story begins gives them an initial sense that the story will progress through different scenes. Then showing them again at the end is a great way to remind them of the story. Perhaps you do this as you put the props away in the bag or box from which they’ve emerged. (more…)

Storytelling Starters ~ Message of love

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

P1070076Unless you’re Welsh, you probably don’t know what special day it is tomorrow,  25th of January. Nor would you be likely to work out why on earth I’ve associated it with the birds I photographed in my local park this week. 

The link:

Birds are messengers of love in mediaeval Welsh poems and many Welsh folk-songs. The messages they carry are known as llatai. And the 25th January is the day of Santes Dwynwen, Saint Dwynwen. It’s the Welsh equivalent of St Valentine’s Day. So it’s a day for  perhaps commandeering a bird to deliver a love-letter for you.

But I have to admit that the story of Dwynwen is all a bit odd as that of someone  who  symbolises love.  Love in her story is unrequited, it leads to terrible things and Dwynwen  herself ends her life, by choice, alone in a nunnery of her own making on an uninhabited piece of land which gets cut off from the mainland whenever there is a high tide. (more…)