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Storytelling Starters ~ Stories for Younger Children No. 3

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

This week’s story is another of my favourites. It’s for the upper age-range of younger children, not the very young ones. (See my comments at the end of the blog.) 

Mr and Mrs Hak-Tak

Mr and Mrs Hak-Tak were very poor. They didn’t have much of anything at all – not much food, not much money, not much time to rest. They both used to work very hard.

One day, Mr Hak-Tak was digging over the piece of land where he always grew his vegetables. Suddenly, his spade hit something hard in the earth. He heard it! CLANG!

‘That’s funny,’ said Mr Hak-Tak. ‘I’ve dug this ground a lot of times. But I’ve never heard a clang before.’

Mr Hak-Tak was VERY puzzled. He dug down until he discovered what had made the noise. He dug it out. It was a big metal pot – a VERY big metal pot.

‘That’s strange,’ said Mr Hak-Tak. ‘I’ll take it home to show Mrs Hak-Tak.’

But when Mr Hak-Tak picked up the pot, he couldn’t hold it at the same time as his purse. So he put the pot down, put his purse inside it, then picked up the pot and carried it home.

Mrs Hak-Tak was astonished. ‘Where did you get that pot?’ she said. When Mr Hak-Tak explained, she was even more surprised. ‘Well, it looks like a very nice pot,’ she said. ‘It could come in useful. So I’ll give it a clean.’

It was when Mrs Hak-Tak started cleaning the pot that she noticed Mr Hak-Tak’s purse inside it. ‘Oh yes,’ he said, ‘I put it there to carry it home. I’ll take it out.’

But when Mrs Hak-Tak went back to the pot, she couldn’t quite believe her eyes. Inside was Mr Hak-Tak’s purse! (more…)