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A friend of mine has been writing an autobiographical account of growing up in Argentina. Very good it is too. One lovely feature is that the manuscript is sprinkled with delicious-sounding recipes. This made me think. Why not put a recipe into my blog this week? I’ve done it before. Why not do it again?

No sooner did this idea arise in my mind than I thought of  Bara One-Two. Bara is the Welsh word for bread and Bara One-Two is a kind of bread-cake that couldn’t be easier to put together.

Cooked in a loaf tin, Bara One-Two comes out in the shape of a loaf and then gets cut into slices which get buttered. It’s an ideal accompaniment to a cup of tea. First for a while, I made one earlier this week. Only the butt end of it now remains. Reminded of how delicious it is, I shall no doubt have to make another very soon.

For me, an especially nice thing about Bara One-Two is that it came into my life because of Aunty Mali. Aunty Mali was not a great one for cakes or indeed for cooking in general. But Bara One-Two was right up her street. Besides, as I may have said in this blog before, Aunty Mali kept her butter-dish on the mantelpiece of the fireplace in her living room. The fire was most often lit. So the butter in the butter dish was most often malleable. Therefore the buttering of a newly made Bara One-Two was easily achieved.

The recipe I have for Bara One-Two is handwritten in Aunty Mali’s inimitable hand and kept in my special recipe file. Aunty Mali signed it off as follows: Good Eating – Auntie Mali 6.6.75.

Well, 1975 is a long time ago. I wonder how many editions of Bara One-Two I’ve made since then. If you decide to make it – and Aunty Mali’s recipe for it is below – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Bara One-Two

3 breakfast cups of S.R. flour
1 breakfast cup sugar
1 breakfast cup currant &/or sultanas
1 beaten egg
1 breakfast cup milk & water (half of each)
& pinch of salt

Mix ingredients to a dough and bake in a greased and floured tin in Moderate Oven for 40-50 minutes. Moderate oven: Gas-mark 3, 4 or 5. Electric 350 – 375.

When cold, slice and butter and ENJOY.


PS: Teapots are – or were – very much part of tea-time when I was growing up. But although the cat tea-pot in my top photo was given to us years ago, it has never, to my knowledge, been used to make tea. My bottom photo is, of course, my redoubtable Aunty Mali.

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  1. Clare Winstanley Says:

    This made me think of a delightful book which I bought 12 or so years ago, A Tale of Twelve Kitchens, and will now look at again. The links between people and places and their food are so important.

  2. Felice Tombs Says:

    I have fond memories of eating bara bread at Mathry with you and Paul and no doubt a cup of tea. Delicious. I will definitely be try your recipe.
    Much love Felice.

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