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Storytelling Starters ~ Better late than never!

So there I was, sitting in the kitchen of our Welsh house eating my delicious bread and cheese lunch (Welsh cheeses) when it suddenly popped into my mind. ‘Oh my goodness, it’s a Saturday. My blog!!!’ Had I forgotten all about it and getting it written? Completely.

So, lunch quickly swallowed, here I am now, wondering where on earth my mind had gone. Some of the answers I know. It had been a very full and lovely morning with a visit from my old friends Colin and Beryl who live not far down the road from Mathri plus their delightful daughter Lowri, who long ago asked me if I would be her aunty, together with her equally lovely husband James and their three-year-old and most adorable son Miles. No wonder I forgot about my blog. Plenty to talk about, for a start. Delightful company of little boy in addition. Plus I’m on holiday and it’s Saturday.

At least I’m here at my computer now, several hours late but full of the joys of holiday with no more worries about going to bed several hours later than normal last night watching the New Year in.

Ah well! Better late than never. And although the weather’s not great, it’s blissful being ‘on holiday’ in my native Pembrokeshire. Weather no problem, surfers are still wading en masse into the sea down at Whitesands and I’m still remembering early caravan holidays when there was hardly anyone else on the beach at all. Things have massively changed. But Whitesands is still as beautiful as ever and, in the beauty of its beach and the outlook to distant islands, paying a visit to it (as we did yesterday) remains as inspiring as ever to mind and memory.

So there we are. With a sense of relief that I did finally remember that today is blog-day, I ask you to please accept my very best wishes from the windy place that is Pembrokeshire right now. And as we say here Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

I’m not quite sure where I’ll be a week from today. But wherever I am in person, I’m glad to know that Pembrokeshire will still be as beautiful as ever.

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  1. Pam Says:

    Happy New Year Mary!
    May you spend a lot of 2022 in Pembrokeshire.

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