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Storytelling Starters ~ Cat-you-like

Are you familiar with the story of how the cat got its purr? I was reminded of it while thinking about the elegant black, beautiful cat who came up to our room  in my husband’s arms a couple of days ago. Paul had been out on the doorstep, talking with our neighbour. Meantime, our front door was open, the cat emerged as if from nowhere and promptly walked into our house. Paul followed it in, picked it up and brought it up for my admiration.

Wow! The cat was obviously ‘owned’ – if ever a cat can be owned – with a smart collar and bell. He was in the most beautiful condition and at once I was reminded of all our past cats and how I’d like to have a cat again. After the death of Minky, our last lovely cat, we felt we couldn’t replace him with another. Then time went on and, several years later, we remain catless. Perhaps that beautiful black cat will bring about a change here. Who knows?

How the cat got its purr: the story

Meantime, that story of how the cat got its purr has winkled its way back into my mind. The story tells of how one of the animals, perhaps it was cat, somehow got hold of a big beautiful drum. Whoever he was, he loved to play it and when he did so at parties, the other animals were full of envy of the sounds it made. So envious did the other animals become that one of them – was it fox? – wanted to get it for himself.

So one evening, he went into the house where the drum was kept and stole it. But fox was seen and chased down the road until, confronted by the angry cat who owned that drum and fearful of what he’d done, he threw the drum into cat’s mouth. And that’s where that drum has been ever since. You can know for certain that it’s there when you smooth cat’s fur. For then you can hear that drum resonating inside him.

Cats of the past:

So now my question to myself is this. Can I any longer do without the pleasure of having a cat on my lap and smoothing its fur until I am myself lulled to sleep by the soft sound of its purr? No doubt, an answer will sooner or later be forthcoming.

Meantime, I shall honour the memory of our past cats with a roll call of their names: Hannah Jane, Biggles, Fanta, Whiskers Wild Cat and Minky (often known as Slinky Malinki after the cat in the book of that name). Oh yes, and the Cola brothers Coke and Pepsi. What a distinguished line of cats they were! I am grateful to them all for the pleasure they gave.

PS: We quite frequently get foxes walking through our garden or even curling up and going to sleep on what passes for our lawn. Suitably enough, my photo shows Minky quite unperturbed as he sits on the kitchen table looking out at a fox in the garden seen here in a strange reflection.                                

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