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Storytelling Starters ~ Catching up

Ever feel like this? Unaccountably exhausted after a long journey and maybe sensing there’s absolutely nothing else to do except give your soul time to catch up with your body?

Last night we got back to London from our Pembrokeshire place. All was well here in the London house. There were no problems in letters that had come in the post, not even new spider-webs in strange places. But today, I’m quite a bit of a wreck. Too much to process emotionally (I never like leaving) and also, it seems on this occasion, too much for my body to cope with in the long journey even though, apart from ensuring our Pembrokeshire place was clean and tidy before we left (cousins were coming to stay), there’d been nothing extra or untoward with which we’d had to cope. 

But perhaps verging on six-and-a-half hours in the car is in itself quite a lot to cope with. Perhaps too, on some occasions more than others, the soul feels downcast at the leaving. Perhaps betrayed? Oh no! What now? What about the beauties of quiet countryside, the sound of the waves lapping onto quiet beaches visited in the evening? (Too many visitors there in the day.) What on earth is happening?

So greeting myself here in London as I come to this morning (not at all an easy process), I finally get round to asking myself what’s on the new agenda.

Well today, for one thing, there’ll be the rugby. Lions again the Springboks. We’ll be watching.

And meantime there’s just getting used to our London selves again. They say that time is the great healer. In the case of journeys, perhaps that’s very right. You just have to allow the time to get used to the changes that have been brought about by the journey. You have to let your soul catch up.

PS: I do find that almost any walk across a beach creates the desire to be taking photographs. Shells? Ribbons of seaweed? What could be better?

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  1. Janet Dowling Says:

    Oh you are so right. I woke up feeling exhausted after a busy week. Ive given myself permission to lie in and have an easy day! Sometimes we just need to listen to our bodies! Thank you!

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