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Storytelling Starters ~ Feeling blessed

I don’t recommend it as a course to pursue – unless you need it. But being given a new hip offers much for which to be grateful. First is the new ease of movement that begins to arrive even as the hip beds in. Even before that and afterwards too is the support and affection expressed by friends.

I got back home from the Princess Grace Hospital at lunchtime yesterday feeling well and truly blessed. A remarkable surgeon, kindly nurses, a most supportive young physiotherapist whose advice and instructions continue to ring in my ears, friends who have sent flowers, cards and emails and an incalculably kind and lovely husband who even now has brought me a gorgeous cup of coffee: I feel most blessed.

And, of course, my stay in hospital has stirred the possibilities of story or two in my mind. One will have to be a story of the middle-aged man who each morning before mid-day arrived in the grassy area outside the church that I could see from my hospital window and sat down on one of the wooden benches.

Then after a while he got up again, went away and returned with a newspaper. I don’t know if he’d gone to buy it or to see if he could find one in a bin or on the ground. Anyway, he’d sit on his bench contentedly reading for a while.  Then, each day, he got up and left. I hope there was someone or somewhere that was going to be giving him a good lunch.

See you next week and meantime my thanks as always for reading my blog.

PS: The sunflowers in the picture taken by Paul are just three of the many in our garden welcoming me home.

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  1. Karen Tovell Says:

    So very pleased to read your positive blog, Mary. Your story about the man reminds me of the urban myth about the two young women in a hospital room. IN BRIEF: one was very ill in the bed by the wall, the other was very ill in the bed next to a window; however, every day she cheered up her depressed hospital room-mate by describing all the wonderful things she could see from the window down in the town square below and telling her what was happening. The girl by the wall found her health improving, especially as she was entertained by hearing the wonderful stories of the town life, but she became envious and thinking that she would soon be well enough to sit up and look out the window for herself, she told the nurses lies and got the other girl removed to another room. When she got her wish and was moved to the bed by the window, she was excited to sit up in the bed and look out – all she saw was a brick wall.

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