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Storytelling Starters ~ Finding the way

OK, I have to admit it. Finding my way around my own blog is not necessarily easy. Every now and again, I forget the procedures. I may even temporarily forget my own proposed theme. So what is to be done?

Well, I generally end up trusting to some kind of habit and in the end it usually works out OK.

And when it doesn’t on some particular occasion,  my first resort and last one too always has to be Paul.  But what if his help was not available on a particular occasion?

Let me admit it.  I’d be strapped, completely lost. Which just goes to show how vulnerable I am and, no doubt, thousands like me. But there we are, as we say in Wales. I could quite easily get to the point where I’d feel at a loss on a long-distance country walk. Wherever next? But perhaps there’s something good about such a quandary too. It’s maybe where your wits have to come in to support what you formerly regarded as your knowledge. Its certainly when you have to resort to those wits, and putting  this particular walk in some kind of context, remember how you found your way  before.

Well, it’s not always easy.  And in the event, finding your way probably turns out to be a very good challenge.

Meantime, this Saturday morning, as I write this blog, the sun is shining. The gardens out the back are positively glowing.  And although my stomach is still bugging me, more help and advice will be available when I go to the hospital for my next appointment. Meantime, I have plenty of good stuff to read including the volume of Willa Cather’s short stories that I’ve currently got on the go. And there are plenty of good friends that I can ring. And a good husband who has just gone out to fetch some small bits of shopping that are needed.

Count your blessings was always the mantra when I was growing up. Not necessarily from my parents but from my doughty Aunty Mali, source of great strength even today although she died many years ago. Such a change of emphasis usually turns out to be a good idea. Stop moaning, start appreciating.

PS: Remember when lots of people were saying it? Hugging a tree was all the rage. I tried it out. There’s a welcome solidity, a nice smell and a sense of doing something unusual. For me, it was certainly a valued new experience. Particularly nice was getting so close to a tree that you couldn’t be any closer.


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  1. Karen Tovell Says:

    I read this little verse, Mary, somewhere online:
    Some days are better,
    some days are worse.
    Look for the blessing
    instead of the curse.
    Be positive, stay strong,
    and get enough rest.
    You can’t do it all,
    But you can do your best.

    Also, Mary, your blog reminded me of how sometimes as Storytellers – when we are worried about finding our way through the landscape of a new story that we want to tell – we can rely on having some helpful “landmark” words, refrains, or physical movements that let us know how we are progressing, which can be very re-assuring.

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