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Storytelling Starters ~ Oh Moon!

The recent anniversary of man’s first landing on the moon must be the reason why, of late, I’ve made an extra special point of looking up at the moon when it’s full. It brings to mind an array of moon memories.

For instance, I think about the friend in Wales who, long ago, was given the nickname, Moon – partly, no doubt, because his first name begins with M but also, surely, because of the roundness of his face and the companionable way he smiles.

A little moon ditty:

And then again, seeing a full moon in the sky gets me recalling the little verse a friend once taught me. It’s especially good for retelling because of the expressiveness of voice it invites: 

Oh moon, oh moon with thy wonderful face
Who encloses us all in thy gentle embrace!
Thy lovely face is oft in my mind!
But when, ah! oh! when, shall I see thy behind?

The first moon landing:

But my most special moon memory is of the night of that first moon landing. I was in Rome on my way to India, a highly memorable venture for me because, in Delhi, I was to accompany Winston Burdett, the CBS News correspondent with whom I was working to interview Mrs Gandhi. When we finally got to the interview, there we were in the room, just him and me and Mrs Gandhi, she knitting her hands together in the worried way I think must have been habitual for her.

On the trip to India I’d stopped off in Rome, there to join up with Winston. So Rome was where I was on the night of the moon landing. I’ll never forget how the Via Veneto, where I was sitting  having a drink, was suddenly alive with newspaper sellers flooding onto the street calling ‘Sulla luna! Sulla luna!’ On the moon, on the moon …

No wonder that looking up at the moon still brings a tingle to my mind.

A little love story:

And then there’s that sweet little romantic tale of the Prince of the Earth looking up into the night sky and, on seeing the Princess of the Moon, falling in love. As fortune would have it, she looking down saw such love in in his eyes that she instantly fell in love with him too.

The happy outcome was when the Princess of the Moon so yearned to join the Prince of the Earth that she commissioned the making of a silver ladder that would bring her to earth. Imagine how that ladder glowed as the Prince of the Earth saw it being lowered, silver and shining, towards the earth and his happy expectations as the Princess of the Moon stepped onto the ladder in her silver, shining shoes.

Fortunately, for this is a happy story, not only was their meeting full of love but their love always remained strong thereafter.

PS: My two photos of the moon this week come from my own photo archive. I must take some more!


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