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Storytelling Starters ~ The Colours of Colour

Ten days of summer down in Pembrokeshire make a very welcome break before the next horrid chemo. I’ve been admiring colour – the orange-red of the poppy that has cropped itself up in the gravel at the back of the house, the purple of the foxgloves like sentinels in the hedges.

Colour is appetising. It makes you look and it makes you savour. Thinking about it has reminded me of a little story I once made up which has also been one I’ve told many times.

The Yellow Blob

The Yellow Blob lived in a world where everything was yellow. Yellow house, yellow grass, yellow fields, yellow sea. One day, the Yellow Blob went for a walk. He closed his yellow door, walked along the yellow brick  road and climbed up the yellow hill. At the top of the hill, he looked down. The Yellow Blob was very surprised. At the bottom of the hill was a huge blue lake.

The Yellow Blob looked down at the blue, blue lake and the blue, blue lake looked up at him. It was a very hot day of summer and the coolness of the lake looked so inviting. Then, as the Yellow Blob admired the lake, the blue lake started to sing.

‘Come on down, Yellow Blob!
It’s cool down here.
Jump, Yellow Blob!
Come down and get cool.

The blue lake’s song persuaded the Yellow Blob to  jump. The lake was right. It was so cool in that water! But when the Yellow Blob climbed out, he saw that he’d changed. Now he was green all over. The Yellow Blob had become the Green Blob!

And that’s the end of that story – unless, of course, you go on to make up stories that encompass other colours.

PS: It’s the subtle pink of the legs of the smart fellow at the West London Wetlands that I admire in my top picture, let alone in the bottom picture the gorgeously rusty-orange hues of the chain lying on a Pembrokeshire beach.

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2 Responses to “Storytelling Starters ~ The Colours of Colour”

  1. Karen Tovell Says:

    I have always loved when you tell your Yellow Blob story, Mary, and green is such a healing colour, too! Also, if you have not already read them I can really recommend two books by the late, and sadly missed, Derek Jarman 1.Chroma: a book of colour 2. Derek Jarman’s Garden. Thinking of you, Mary, and wishing you well. Much love.

  2. Mary Medlicott Says:

    Lovely to hear from you, Karen, and thanks for your book recommendations. A friend of mine has a house just down the road from where Derek Jarman lived in Dungeness. So, having visited his garden, I’d be especially interested in these titles. Chroma, a book of colour sounds particularly inviting. Much love, Mary

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