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Storytelling Starters ~ A Fly in the Ointment

A couple of days ago, I was in the kitchen clearing up. Suddenly I heard a voice from Paul’s study, a woman’s voice saying: ‘This is Early Years TV. I am Kathie Brodie and today I am joined by storyteller Mary Medlicott.’

‘No,’ I thought as I paused to check my sense of reality, ‘I’m not on TV. I’m here in my kitchen.’ When I told Paul about this odd event, he said his computer had been on and it was probably a fly landing someplace on his touch-screen that had brought up the item with Kathie which he keeps in one of the storage boxes on his computer desktop.   Weird!

Perhaps it was the fly that did something else too. Over these last few days, I’ve been reflecting on my reactions to the continuance of  Lockdown.How things can change. Numerous times over these past weeks – including in this blog, I admit – I’ve said how much I’ve been disliking this Lockdown period, how much I’m looking forward to getting back to ‘normal’, seeing my friends again and so on. But a few days ago, I realised how much about this time I’ve been appreciating. I’ve been loving the calm and the quiet, relishing the Slowdown in life around me and the space and time it’s been giving for a sense of peace.  When an aeroplane flew over  my garden the other day – and it was just about the only one there’s been for ages – I actually shouted up at it: ‘Go away!’

I’m very conscious that I have huge benefits – a comfortable house, a lovely garden in which to spend summery days, enough pension money to cover my needs etc. I’m lucky. I don’t have to fight my way to work. My computer sits ready on my desk in my study for any emails or writing I want to do. But time to be out in nature and the appreciation of peace and quiet is something I believe we all need whether we’re in work or retired. I get a lot of such time when I’m back in Wales (lucky me). But Lockdown has given me a new sense of the value of such time in nature for us all in London and everywhere else.

Mind you, things aren’t always what you expect. A friend in Pembrokeshire was telling me on the phone the other day that the Pembrokeshire Coast Path is currently roped off, the beaches too. I suppose that’s the fly in the ointment of my wish to be there!

Now my imagination just has to learn to accommodate flies whether on computer screens or in ointment as part of life on this earth.

P.S. the first of my two photos today is ME! It was taken by Paul when we were in our recent jigsaw-doing phase. For now, we’ve done all the jigsaws we have. But evidently two new ones are about to arrive in the post so we’ll be getting busy again.

The second photo was taken on a visit to Venice, one of many beautiful pieces of what could be described as door furniture that are to be seen there.

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  1. Beatrice Richards Says:

    Love this Mary Im writing stories a couple of times to read to 2 of my grandchildren They sot up in bed wide eyes in eager anticipation of what im gpong to read Lockdown is hard but writing is keeping me sane Liz &Eddie x

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