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Storytelling Starters ~ Busy

As my website reports, they’re here. They arrived on Thursday. Five cardboard boxfuls of them were pushed into the house. Held  on to a  heavy palette by thick plastic which had to be cut away with a big pair of scissors before any box could be opened to reveal my new book, The Uses of ‘a’ … and other stories. The first person to see them, along with Paul and me, was storyteller Meg Philp who lives in Australia and was staying with us at the time.

The book contains 24 stories. These range in subject from a refugee desperately searching for her children to a wandering minstrel on his way to praise a prince to a young woman in the throes of deciding whether or not to make a Christmas cake (spoiler alert: she does!). These stories were written over the last few years whenever one came into my head. I really enjoyed the writing of them and then eventually realising that I had what I could call a collection. I hope you might like to purchase a copy. See the end of this blog for how to order.

A special pleasure of deciding to self-publish a book is getting it designed. What an art that is! The size of the book, the design of the cover, the choice of font and all the little details such as, in this case, the two little birds that appear to be flying away at the end of each story. My thanks again to my very special book designer, Olwen Fowler, who was the designer of my previous book, A Long Run in Short Shorts.

Now on to the next big thing which is tomorrow’s concert in aid of Crisis, the homelessness charity. It will be the fifth year that Paul and his wonderful accompanist friend, Steve Copeland have done it. As usual, there’ll be a fine range of songs and piano pieces. My contributions will be a duet with Paul, Where’er You Walk, and a couple of readings. One of these will be South, a story from my new book. The other as on previous years will be a couple of sections from Dylan Thomas’s A Child’s Christmas in Wales.

Then on to next week which I suppose will mean starting to prepare for Christmas. A Christmas cake? Well, I haven’t yet decided!

PS: To order The Uses of ‘a’ please go to the top of the main website page and click on the Buy button.  

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