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Storytelling Starters ~ Country life

One of the great pleasures of being back in Pembrokeshire is catching up with friends. Liz and Eddie are busy people. Eddie works on a local farm, Liz has been working at a local doctor’s surgery but  also does lots of caring for grandchildren in her family. Both have lots of stories. From time to time, Liz writes down one or other of hers and sends it off to a magazine. Eddie loves to tell his stories. They are about hilarious episodes in his own life.

Eddie Story No. 1:

For instance, one time when Eddie was a boy growing up in a long line of brothers in a little cottage by the sea, the night for the bath-tub came round. All the brothers were lined up, clothes off, waiting their turn to go into the tub when the parents realised that one of the boys in the line wasn’t even one of theirs. It didn’t matter. By then, he was already in the tub.

Eddie Story No. 2:

Years later came the time when Eddie and a mate had been out crabbing. They were coming back home with the back of the van loaded with two crates full of crabs that they’d caught. But the crates were so full and heavy that, coming up the steep hill from Lower Fishguard, the van started groaning so badly that Eddie had to suggest they stop at a lay-by half way up the hill, take out one of the crates and leave it there while they went home with the other.

However, (inevitable, no?), by the time they returned to the lay-by, the crabs from the crate had got out and were crawling all over the road. Eddie and his mate had to jump out quick and start to gather them up. Alas, quite a few had scarpered by then and some had already got squashed. And as I recall the story, wasn’t there some quip about crab sandwiches for supper?

Eddie Story No. 3:

And then there was the real live story that I witnessed with my own eyes. It was an event involving Eddie’s cat who would often spend time down on Pwllstrodur the nearest beach to us with Eddie and was never averse to bedding down on a naked tummy. On one occasion, Paul and I were coming up off the beach with Eddie,  this cat and also Eddie’s two dogs. As we reached a field where a herd of cows was contentedly grazing, Eddie whispered to us that his cat did not like cows. ‘Watch this!’ he said. And as we watched, we saw Eddie’s dogs run out between the cows, making an avenue between them. On the instant the way was clear, the cat who hitherto had been sitting on its haunches at the side of the field, got onto its running legs and ran hell-for-leather between the cows until it got safe to the other side.

That’s rural life for you! With friends like Eddie and Liz, it’s always a joy.

PS: The first photo is of Pwllstrodur. Alas, I’m no catcher of crabs. So it’s only a crabshell I’ve got for my second. But I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a wonderfully ugly one.


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