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Storytelling Starters ~ Hip-hop

In my life, there’s been the Hippy-Hippy-Shake: a dance we did all the time in our teens. Then there were  hipster jeans and there were hippies who sat round smoking pot. But today the mere thought of hips brings back to mind the hip operation I’m to have a week on Monday. Am I apprehensive? Yes – even though everyone who’s had one tells me it’ll be fine and afterwards I’ll be running around like a new young thing.

Right now though, as I think about this blog, it’s not just the hip op that comes into my mind. Probably that’s because the apprehensive condition of my mind has started it running onto anything and everything that could include hips.  So for instance in comes that well-known folk song that I  well remember from when Common Ground (Helen East, Kevin Graal and Rick Wilson) used to sing it in storytelling sessions. In it the lonely old woman is sitting alone at her spinning wheel as into the room, body part by body part, come all the body bits that make up the Strange Visitor. First comes the great big feet, then the pair of thin thin legs followed by the great big muscly body which in my imagination now includes great big hips. And as all the body parts accumulate, the old woman asks the strange visitor why. Why have you come here? FOR YOU is the threatening answer. But of course this particular old woman is not to be overwhelmed. Up she gets and grabs a stick and beats the strange visitor out of the room even while, as at the start of the song, she goes on wishing for company.

And now as my mind moves on, I find myself remembering my mother’s paintings. So I get up and go to my box of cards and find the card that was made from the Rose hips painting my mother did. It’s one of her paintings that I love the most. She did so many, landscapes and flowers and plants, and they were so fine. Sometimes I remember her saying how much she’d like to go to London. (We lived in Pembrokeshire.) Now I feel sure that why she wanted to go to London was to study at one of the London schools of painting. For she loved her painting and could well have made painting a full-time occupation. In particular, she was accomplished at flowers and plants of all kinds including those Rose hips.

It will be a new left hip that I’ll get given on September 14th and with luck that new left hip will make me feel like a new woman, once again ready to go for long walks round the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and Richmond Park and who knows where else. Also to get in and out of bed without going ‘Aaaagh!’

PS: The card made from my mother’s painting of Rose hips is my second photo today. The first is something nice and silly I found on the internet.

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2 Responses to “Storytelling Starters ~ Hip-hop”

  1. Pam Says:

    Dear Mary
    I send all good wishes for successful surgery and a bounding recovery for your hip op next week.
    And I do love the painting your mother did of rose hips.
    Warmly, Pam

  2. Swati Kakodkar Says:

    Dear Mary
    Many good wishes and prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery. Wishing you good health and happiness.

    I also wanted to specially mention that your mother’s painting is beautiful. I loved it. Thanks for sharing a memory that is
    so close to you.

    Take care.

    Love and fond regards,

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