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Storytelling Starters ~ Power of Place

From time to time over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking, writing and singing about Llansteffan, the estuary village on the coast of Carmarthenshire. This morning, as Llansteffan popped into  my mind yet again, a new thought came with it. What about thinking back on your life not in terms of what you were doing there or who else was present, but simply by place?

If you did this, you’d be focusing less on yourself, more on the places where you’d spent time. What did those places look like? What was the atmosphere? The weather? Focusing less on yourself, you’d be concentrating more on the places themselves. Landscape, atmosphere, weather, any other people that are there and their ways of talking: you could almost try leaving yourself out of the picture altogether. This way, you might find greater richness in your memories than you’d expected. Come to think of it, it might work in a similar way to the piece of advice given to me once by my sister-in-law. She is a superb photographer. And her advice? Always look round the edges of the scene in your viewfinder when you’re about to take a photo.

Well, it’s just an idea. But in idle moments, perhaps it’s worth trying, a technique that might bring back more of the fullness of place than you might otherwise capture. If you try it and get anything from it, please do let us know.

And why do I say us? Because if you write it as a comment on this blog, anyone else reading the blog would see your response and perhaps try it too.  And if several people wrote – or even lots – the variety in the memories would inevitably be rather wonderful.

PS: My top photo is of a house in Wales I often see and remember well. The second photo was taken in a wood where I well remember walking but, oddly, I now have no memory at all of where it was. If you recognise it, please let me know!

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