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Storytelling Starters: What next?

What next? Ever ask yourself that question? I often do and this is because it often feels like there’s too much to do. Worse, it sometimes feels as if between all the things I’d like to do and the things I’ve got to do, the things I’d like to do get so far pushed to the back that they don’t get done at all.

Now, though, things are changing. After what seems like forever dealing with health issues, treatment for my fourth episode of cancer has come to an end and, for the moment anyway, I feel quite free.

So will it be writing more fictional stories as in my most recent book, The Uses of ‘a’? Or will it be continuing a kind of memoir of my storytelling life that I started and then left aside,  a book provisionally entitled A Storyteller’s Tale?  And what about Animal Antics, another project I conceived (and actually drafted out)  a little while ago?

Animal Antics is an animal alphabet, an A-Z of stories for children in the 8 to 12 age-range. This week, I took the step of asking Sarah Williams, a brilliant young artist friend of mine in Pembrokeshire,  if she would consider doing the illustrations for these stories. Hurray, she has said yes and has already started on them. Soon we’ll have a fine proposal to put to a publisher. And the next adventure will be finding one!

Meantime, I have told myself, I must turn my mind to something where I’m always a bit remiss. One project finished, onto the next: that’s me. But this week, I’ve given myself a severe lecture: Do some marketing! Such an enterprise is particularly essential when books are self-published. So if you’ve done all the jigsaws and need some reading matter to see you through the rest of Lockdown, may I remind you of two very fine books that you can get from our very own Storyworks Press?

A Long Run in Short Shorts is a collection of 40 short personal stories.

The Uses of ‘a’  is a collection of 24 fictional tales.

For details of how to purchase these, please click and go to my website.


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