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Mary Medlicott, Storyteller and Author - Storyworks

International Storytelling Network (RIC)
International Storytelling Network (RIC)

"Shemi was a complete delight. It was an object lesson in how to engage children as well as a feast of story for adult ears." - Marion Leeper, Bridge of Tales Storytelling Festival, Cambridge

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Storytelling Starters ~ Haunting

Encouraged by comments on last week’s blog – that the poem was haunting and so, so sad – I reached down my box-file labelled Songs, Poems, Sayings. In it, I found much I’d forgotten and much I felt I’d like to share – rhymes for Early Years children, chants and sayings to introduce storytelling sessions and also several other haunting poems. Here's one of them: Green Candles by Humbert Wolfe.

P1080300Green Candles:

‘There’s someone at the door,’ said gold candlestick;
Let her in, let her in quick!’
'There is a small hand groping at the handle:
Why don’t you turn it?’ asked green candle.

‘Don’t go, don’t go,’ said the Hepplewhite chair,
lest you find a strange lady there.’
'Yes, stay where you are,’ whispered the white wall,
there is nobody there at all.’

‘I know her little foot,’ grey carpet said:
Who but I should know her light tread?’
'She shall come in,’ answered the open door,
‘and not,’ said the room, ‘go out any more.’

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And now some news of myself 
I'm a professional storyteller and author. I used to experience some difficulty in pursuing both these rather different paths. By now, I'm equally happy to be storytelling or writing and find they enhance each other.

On the storytelling side, I'm happy to report that two recent performances have inspired me to feel I'd like to do similar sessions again. The first was an event at Waterstone's in Piccadilly, part of a storytelling series that is organised by June Peters and Bernard Kelly. My evening was entitled From the Land of the Magic / O Wlad Yr Hud. It wove together stories from my native Pembrokeshire, which is known as the land of the magic, with some of the stories behind the books I've written. 

The second event was Enchanted Evening, a session of songs and stories performed in Fishguard in Pembrokeshire in which the stories were told by myself and the songs were sung by my husband Paul accompanied by David Pepper. As we'd hoped, the songs and stories went beautifully together, reflecting the magic of stars and skies and the varied powers of enchantment. It's the first such session we've done together for a long time and we're already planning more.

As to my work as a writer, I'm currently working on a third children's novel and I recently finished A Long Run in Short Shorts. This is a collection of my own personal tales. Some are short, some very short. Most of them are a bit quirky.But the collection reflects my strong belief that our personal tales are an essential part of the way in which as human beings we create our stories of ourselves. I've been looking for a publisher for the collection but without any luck so far. So I'm now at the stage of wondering whether to self-publish.

2014 saw the publication of Storytelling for a Greener World, contributed a book which makes an important contribution to thinking about environmental matters. Edited by Alida Gersie, the  book includes a chapter from me on work I've done which shows how storytelling can contribute to environmental learning. Writing Voices by Teresa Cremin and Debra Myhill, published in 2012, includes a mini-chapter by me on storytelling in schools.

For a full list of my publications, including Shemi’s Tall Tales, my two children's novels and my two books on storytelling with children, please click on My Publications in the menu on the top left of this website. Here you will also find details of how to purchase my books directly from me.

As you can see from the top of this page, I also write and publish a weekly Blog under the title Storytelling Starters. If you wish, you can easily become a regular (and free) subscriber. 

 For further information on my career, including the Lifetime Achievement Award I was given in 2013 by BASE (British Awards for Storytelling Excellence) please click on  Read more about me. And to know more about what I can offer you, click on What I Can Do For You. An adult performance? A workshop? A school visit? Just be in touch to let me know where you are and what you want and we'll see if we can fix a booking.
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