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Storytelling Starters ~ The Magic of Objects 3

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

The Sea-Tray

A large round tray-like object, it’s normally used, so I’ve been told, in the process of sifting rice and dhal. When I use it, however, it comes with a bag of pebbles which, when emptied onto the tray and rolled round, create the sound of the sea. Simple, hey?

My sea-tray as I call it is one of my most magic objects. When those tiny pebbles start swishing round on its surface, it immediately transports me to the rocky coast of North Pembrokeshire where I grew up. At once I hear the tide on Abermawr beach as the pebbles are flung forward by the press of the waves, then sucked back relentlessly as the waves recede. And the great thing is that whoever else is listening seems immediately to know the same sort of thing. They realise this as the sound of the sea – even if, like the Birmingham children I once worked with on a project with artist Catrin Webster – they’ve never even seen the sea. (more…)