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Storytelling Starters: The Insert Game

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Storytelling games help develop useful qualities in the storyteller. Quickness of mind; the power of a single word to change a story’s mood and direction; the fun of the unexpected – all these are exercised when you get going.

Some games are great for groups. More on that next week. Some can be like solitaire – good for playing on your own or maybe with one other. Hence this week’s item, The Insert Game.

I’ve only ever shared The Insert Game with friends before. The example I’ve created for this week’s blog involves a cat. (Not surprising since I love cats!) So my illustrations today are also of cats – one I spotted on a Pembrokeshire roof, the neighbours’ slinky gray, our own lovely black cat Minky and an exotic Brixton stray cat which we refer to as Big Balls (because that’s what he has).

The Insert Game: Background

I quite literally developed this game in a dream. (more…)