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Storytelling Starters ~ Moon tales in verse

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Moon tree compress 2You must have seen that enormous perigee moon that glowed so brightly down at us a week or two back. The perigee comes when the moon’s orbit is closest to the earth and this recent perigee moon made me think about the moon stories and poems I know. For me, it’s always worked well to add poems into the mix when I’m storytelling. So this week, here are two moon poems I’ve often brought out. The first (origins unknown) was told me ages ago by a friend. It’s an extremely daft little verse and I’ve been known to quote it, as it were out of the blue, to anyone I happen to be with on any brightly moon-lit night. Because it’s so daft, it must be uttered with full romantic zest up to and including the very silly end. I hope it amuses your friends.

Moon, oh moon with thy beautiful face
Who encloses us all in thy gentle embrace,
Your lovely face is oft in my mind
But when, ah oh when, shall I see thy behind?


My second moon poem, Silver, was composed by Walter de la Mare. It’s full of such delicate imagery that many times I’ve felt inspired to sing it to a setting I made. (more…)