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Storytelling Starters: Calling …

Thoughts on Friday, 20th March:

My desk says: ‘Tidy me!’

My house calls: ‘Spring clean me!’

My garden pleads: ‘Attend to me.’

My poorly left leg sighs: ‘Massage me.’

My books to review for School Librarian yell: ‘Start reading us now before it’s too late.’

My newly written stories for children screech: ‘Why haven’t you started trying to get a publisher? Don’t you think we’re good enough?’

My unwritten blog for tomorrow nags: ‘You haven’t even started thinking about me yet.’

Meantime, my poor husband sits tucked up in bed with a bit of a fever

And outside, the world feels strangely quiet like it’s waiting for something to happen.

However, news has arrived that a neighbourhood group has formed to give help to whoever needs it.

Kindnesses make the world feel better.

An afterthought (or rather an after-question:

What’s an acorn?  Answer: An acorn is an oak tree in a nutshell. 

P.S. A  regular reader of this blog reports that she hasn’t seen a blog from me on either of  the last two Saturdays. Has anyone else not received it? I’d be glad to know – especially since the  blog reports itself as having been published.


3 Responses to “Storytelling Starters: Calling …”

  1. Hilary Minns Says:

    Dear Mary,
    I reinstalled your blog yesterday and it’s arrived safely this morning. I don’t know what happened, so sorry about the confusion. Obviously something at my end of the system. I hope you get your newly-written stories published without delay. We need them!

  2. Clare Winstanley Says:

    A group has sprung up in our street too. I’ve had to turn my phone notifications to silent as it was beeping so often with all the messages on WhatsApp of kind people offering to run errands. Very heartwarming. And we’ve started a food drop (our front garden) for donations to the local food bank.At the moment it’s an old IKEA bag but we have a splendid new red dustbin on order.

  3. Mary Steele Says:

    Same with me. Index to complete, sewing to finish and more to start, garage to clear, garden cleared but a bit cold to start seeds outside. No space to start seeds inside, but I’ll have to find some. Got the yoga books out. Working through my emergency charity bookshop buys and loving the short stories of Sylvia Townsend Warner.

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