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Storytelling Starters ~ In our street

Sometimes you definitely need a cup of tea, or maybe if things are bad it has to be a glass of whiskey. Then there are also the times when you need a joke. Let me rephrase that because the same thing may not apply to you. Perhaps it’s just me. But sometimes, just as I sometimes need strawberries, I really do need a good joke. Here’s a daft one I put in my store a long time ago. It always cheers me up.

Coming home after work one day, a Council worker was going along the path to his front door when his friend who lived opposite saw him stop and stamp on a snail.

‘Hey?’ said the friend. ‘What you doin’ that for, stomping on a harmless thing like that?’

‘Come off it,’ said the Council worker. ‘It’s been followin’ me all day!’

Preferably you have to hear that joke in a South Wales accent. It’s one of a number of lovely ones I’ve been told over the years. Maybe I’ll remember another next week!


Meantime, here’s a hurrah for the sun that has smiled on us so beatifically here in South London over the last few days – and with that hurrah here’s a boo to all the miseries of the present time. As counter to the miseries – Don’t go out! Don’t travel! Stay at home for 12 weeks! – we need all the laughs we can get.

What has also helped a huge lot this week has been the neighbourliness I’ve felt in my street. For instance, it was such a great pleasure to contribute to the Big Clap at 8 p.m. the other night when, like many other people in many other streets, we stood outside our house and, with the majority of our neighbours on our  street, clapped our thanks to NHS workers who, as always, are doing such great work at this horrible time when Coronavirus has added so harshly to the country’s woes.

It’s also been an enormous and very touching pleasure this week to have received such  kind messages from various neighbours. ‘Let us know if there’s anything you need.’ So our newspaper has been collected for us, shopping has been done for us and the kindness of the offer has touched us a lot and made us feel happy.

Thank goodness for community. I think this dire time may help us to know what good fortune we can share when we become aware of those around us and develop a greater sense of being part of something together.

PS: Top photo speaks for itself, bottom photo too except that I should add that the sun in the bottom photo was painted on a golden cloth and brought along to cheer me up when I was in hospital some years ago. It really  did!


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