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Storytelling Starters ~ Lucky/Unlucky

A  Jewish American friend of mine has often told me that his father was the only undertaker in Chicago who never made any money. He lived on the West side (the poor bit) and was always too kind to his clients.

This same friend has also told me: ‘Life consists of three stages. You’re born, you suffer and you die.’ Then he adds with a shrug of his shoulders:  ‘I’m in the second stage myself.’

I thought about this very good friend this morning as I was lying in bed putting off getting up. He emerged in my memory – oh,  the way mind makes links! – just after a little story came into my mind. It was created by a young boy in a class I once worked with. This is the story more or less as he wrote it:

The story:

One night, a boy looked out of his window and saw lots of stars in the sky.

Suddenly one of the stars came out of the sky, whooshed down to his window and landed on the window sill.

The boy opened the window and picked up the star.

Then he put it under his pillow. It became his lucky star.

The end …..


I’m probably feeling I need a lucky star. Don’t we all? Since that horrid fall last week, I’ve felt like Miserable Mary in the suffering stage of life. Except that at the same time I know I’m lucky. Lucky not to have broken any bones. Lucky to be feeling a bit better each day. Lucky to have such good support. Lucky to have work to do, a blog to write and readers to read it.

All the best till next week. Who know what will have happened to any of us by then?

PS: The two stars in my pictures have been in this blog before. But I like them so much that I’m using them again. Of course  they were made by children.

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