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Storytelling Starters ~ The good companion

A story I heard a long time ago told of a man who, for some reason I can’t now remember, had to make a very long journey. After a long time of walking along the road he needed to take, he began to feel very weary. Even as he became dispirited, however, he came upon another man who was walking the same path as him. That other man proved a good companion, constantly cheering him both with his talk and his companionable silence and helping him when he got into difficulties. Even so, with such a long way to go, the traveller became more and more tired, so much so that, one night, he felt he could no longer continue. Everything became a blur as he passed out. 

But when the traveller came to in the morning, he was surprised to see that he’d almost accomplished his journey and that his companion was still beside him. He wondered what had happened in the night and how he’d managed to carry on. Looking back along the path, he felt even more puzzled for on the path, there was just one set of footprints. How could that be, he asked his companion? The companion said, ‘I carried you.’

For some people, I think, this is a religious story. For me it’s a story about friendship and how the kindness and love of friends lifts you and carries you when you are in need. I must confess I’ve begun experiencing this all over again in recent days as friends hear the news about my new situation.

About ten days ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Early and curable, the doctor said firmly. I’m now waiting to know what my treatment will be and when it’s to start. Before the end of August, I think.

Meantime, I suppose it’s fortunate in a way that I’ve had quite a bit of previous practice in dealing with such a situation since, unfortunately, I’ve had cancer twice before, though with many years between those two episodes and each unconnected to the other. This third experience is once again apparently unrelated to the others and I’m hopeful it will have as good an outcome.

It was just yesterday that I made up my mind to say all this today because although I do plan to continue writing this blog, there may be some hitches along the way. However, I do have one or two ideas up my sleeve about how to deal with possible problems. And meantime, I very much want to say that the friendship I’ve received through writing this blog has meant, and means, a great deal to me. It’s like that good and kind companion.

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3 Responses to “Storytelling Starters ~ The good companion”

  1. Meg Says:

    Oh my, Mary.
    Thank you for letting us know this hard news.
    Life takes these turns in the road so unexpectedly. Such a shock.

    I hadn’t heard this story before but I do know the support I’ve had from friends is most precious.
    Will be thinking of you. Wishing all that you need for a good outcome.

  2. Mary Medlicott Says:

    Dear Meg
    Amazing to get your speedy reply to this week’s news. Thanks so much for your support. As you say, most precious. Mary xxx

  3. Liz Richards Says:

    Hi Mary.
    So shocked to read your devastating news. I am sure all will be well and you have an army of good friends to help you. You are one very strong lady and with such a wonderful husband you will beat it. If you ever want to moan, scream yell just give us a ring. I am always there for you and Paul Sending hugs Liz Eddiexxxxxxxxxxx

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