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Storytelling Starters ~ Letters from the past

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Question: What’s a story? The answer, I’m sure, will be familiar to you. Answer: It’s a letter from the past that we send on to the future.

This saying popped back into my head this week from the higgledy-piggledy storage box I’m obliged to call my mind. A family member was wanting to talk through our family tree. So I’d plunged into some actual storage boxes up in the loft where the contents are an absorbing horde of photos, postcards, notes and letters. (more…)

Storytelling Starters ~ Games

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Games – what for?

Two nights ago, down here in Pembrokeshire, I went to a most powerful play. The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning has been written by young Welsh playwright, Tim Price, now starting to make a considerable name for his work. The play deals with the case of the US soldier currently in confinement and awaiting court martial for bringing a vast mass of military secrets to public knowledge via Wikileaks. Should Bradley Manning be punished or freed? Was he mentally dysfunctional and to be despised for his actions? Or was his whistleblowing – for instance on US army killings of Iraqi civilians – morally defensible and to be applauded in the cause of right thinking and right action?

What made Tim Price’s play so particularly powerful for me when I saw it is that it took place in the main school hall of Tasker Milward School in Haverfordwest. This is a place which Bradley Manning must have known well in his teenage years. After he was brought back from America by his Welsh mother following her split from his father, he was a pupil at Tasker Milward for several years before returning to the US and becoming a soldier. Tasker Milward is significant for me. My mother went to the original Taskers High School. I’ve done several big storytelling projects there. And  watching the play, I was in the company of a friend who actually taught Bradley Manning.

The production of The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning was by National Theatre Wales. The six young actors were brilliant. In every conceivable way – and it was a highly innovative, loud, inventive, multi-media production – they and the play were deeply engaging, obliging you to think on the spot about your views of people and of what is right and wrong.

War Games! They may seem a long way from Storytelling Games – except that they both make you THINK! I can only think that that’s a good thing.

Games: the benefits (more…)

Storytelling Starters ~ Making Connections 1

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Storytelling Starters moves on this week to its second theme, Making Connections. The magic of objects will still be here, but now in the new context of finding and making links – links between different types of stories, links between storyteller and audience, links between real objects, inner feelings and imagination.

Keys – and a personal story

Keys are mundane, commonplace objects, and are also amazingly symbolic.

Say ‘key’ to me and my mind starts buzzing – with memories of my Aunty Mali’s house where keys were a major presence (all labelled and hanging in bunches), with my frequent anxiety as to whether I’ve got the house-keys on me when I go out of the house, with story-stories of the traditional type in which ‘keys’ are present in many guises from answers to a riddling question to what’s needed to resolve a quest. (more…)