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Storytelling Starters ~ King of the Castle

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

P1060225How many times must I have chanted these words as a child while jumping onto the rock in my picture, trying to arm-wrestle other children off while I did so?

I’m the King of the Castle!

Get down you dirty rascal!

The rock was a familiar part  of my world. I accepted it as it was. I never thought about the whole shape and size of it for, until this very time last year, I’d never seen or imagined the lower half of it – not until the incredible storms that hit these shores had scoured out Whitesands beach, taking at least four foot of sand out to sea and leaving the whole of the rock exposed.

Then, last summer, going down to Whitesands beach  and looking leftwards, I was amazed all over again. This time, I couldn’t see the rock at all until I actually walked across the beach to look for it. I remember thinking someone must have stolen it for now, since the tides had brought the sand back, even the very  top of it could hardly be seen. (more…)